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Maricopa Community Colleges believes that the ability to work effectively from anywhere is paramount to success and that seamless remote collaboration is at the heart of the educational and work experience. That's why we take pride in offering cutting-edge remote access and collaboration tools and services that keep our community of students, faculty, and staff connected using any device. Whether it's attending virtual classes, collaborating on projects, or staying productive in or out of the office, our comprehensive suite of collaboration tools empowers the Maricopa community to excel and thrive, no matter where they are located.

Information Security and Privacy Awareness

Regardless of where you may be working, information security and privacy are critical.

When using a Maricopa-owned device or your personal device to perform work-related functions, you must be aware of and comply with Maricopa’s IT directive pertaining to the Information Classification and Handling of data and applications you use. 

VPN Protection—Staying Secure While Remote

Accessing information remotely makes data more vulnerable to cyber attacks. A VPN (virtual private network) protects you wherever you are by encrypting your data and masking your IP address. This hides your browsing activity, identity, and location, allowing for a safer, freer, and more secure online experience.

In some instances, Maricopa Community Colleges’ software providers may block entire countries or regions (known as geo-blocking) to protect Maricopa systems and sensitive data from cyberattacks. In those cases, VPN technology can enable students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad to connect to Maricopa systems.

VPN Solutions for Students

While Maricopa Community Colleges does not provide VPN service to students, many consumer VPN providers offer quality services at a reasonable price. These providers are regularly reviewed by major online technology publications, such as CNET, WIRED, and Tech Crunch, among others, which may help you select one that meets your needs. The Federal Trade Commission also has useful information about what to consider when selecting a VPN.

Employees Working Remotely Using VPN

Many of Maricopa’s key applications and services are accessible online anywhere from your Maricopa-issued device or in some instances from your personally-owned devices (desktop, laptop, smart device). However, you may need to start a Virtual Private Network (VPN) session to access certain restricted applications and services when working remotely.​​

To use VPN remotely, you will first need to request VPN access. Submit a help desk ticket through your location’s local help desk.

Jabber - take your desk phone anywhere!

Jabber allows you to enjoy unified communications on your computer or smart device to do everything you would do on your traditional desk phone from anywhere!


eduroam—Wi-Fi Access Around the World

eduroam provides seamless wireless access to the internet for students, faculty, and staff of Maricopa Community Colleges and other member organizations subscribed to the eduroam service wherever they are.​

How Does eduroam Work?

There's no need to request special accounts or passwords to access the service. Access to the eduroam wireless network is both seamless and secure at Maricopa Community Colleges and other participating locations worldwide.

To get online, simply search for and select "eduroam" if it appears in the wireless networks list on the device to join the eduroam wireless network to get going. Subsequent access to eduroam is seamless. Note: Maricopa students, faculty, and staff members should use their Maricopa Enterprise IDs (MEID@maricopa.edu) to access eduroam.