Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

Empowering Maricopa Community Colleges Through Strategic IT Management

The Technology Advisory Group (TAG) plays a crucial role in deploying enterprise IT resources at Maricopa Community Colleges to better serve our students, faculty, and staff. The mission centers on delivering exceptional value by making strategic decisions and resource allocations, all of which are supported by a senior council.

Key Focus: Business Cases for Tool Acquisition Proposals

At the core of TAG's efforts is the prioritization of Business Cases for Tool Acquisition proposals. This meticulous process ensures that the adoption of new technologies aligns with our institution's goals and needs. By vetting and endorsing these proposals, TAG paves the way for innovation and efficiency across the community college system.

Monthly Virtual Meetings

TAG conducts monthly virtual meetings. During these gatherings the TAG engages in thoughtful discussions, review initiatives, and prioritize them based on careful scoring. Additionally, any relevant business matters are addressed to foster continuous improvement.