Out Culture is Human-centric by Design

ITS’ Culture Connectedness is Strong, Fitting a Talented and Diverse Workforce

For ITS, culture connectedness is driven by everyday work interactions, not by being in one location. This is consistent with the human-centric approach, and the understanding that work is something you do, not somewhere you are.


Our People: Human-centric By Design and the Advantages it Creates for Us

Human-centric design revolves around prioritizing human beings at the core of operations. It encompasses three key dimensions: a versatile hybrid work model, purposeful collaboration, and management rooted in empathy. Its purpose is to yield favorable results regarding retaining staff, mitigating fatigue, and enhancing employee performance.

Benefits of ITS' Embrace of Human-centric Strategies

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Focusing on the individual and supporting dynamic workstyles

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Focusing on outcomes, not places

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Attracting talent from anywhere and retaining and growing internal staff

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Collaborating innovatively and supporting explosive innovation


Our Culture and Connectedness

It's crucial for every leader and employee within ITS to understand that our culture and interconnectedness thrive because of our daily work interactions rather than mere physical proximity to one another in a single location. It encompasses a blend of experiences, regardless of an individual's current whereabouts, which aligns with prevailing industry norms.

From a strategic standpoint ITS leads by example in this domain.

Benefits of Culture and Connectedness

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Transitioning from disseminating culture solely within the office to propagating it through the framework of hybrid work.

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Shifting the focus from an overarching macroculture to nuanced microcultures.

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Moving away from fostering connections merely through physical proximity to connecting through emotional closeness.

Central to Our Culture


Digital Enablement Drives Success at Maricopa

Employee Success

  • Supportive leadership
  • Professional development and growth
  • Connected culture
  • Autonomy to get things done

Maricopa Success

  • Student, academic, and business success
  • Continuous improvement
  • Transformational leadership
  • Employee recognition and appreciation