Information Technology Services (ITS) Strategic Plan

Enabling Maricopa Community Colleges to Achieve Success with Strategic IT Planning

The Information Technology Services Strategic Plan emphasizes the importance of aligning IT strategic planning with business strategy, as well as developing operational plans that outline the tasks, projects, programs, and products required to implement the strategic initiatives identified in the IT strategic plan.

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Empowering Maricopa Community Colleges Through Strategic IT Management


Strong Business Strategy Sets the Long-term Direction

Maricopa Community Colleges’ long-term strategy (System-wide 2023 - 2026), also called "Excellence 2026," outlines the District's commitment to improving its system for current and future learners. It lays out the strategic actions that will be taken to ensure Maricopa remains competitive and successful in the higher education sector. Although most strategies span three to five years, some sectors or industries may have longer time horizons.


Strategic Plans Outline Goals for the Mid-term

The Information Technology Services Strategic Plan outlines the collaboration between the information technology division and internal and external stakeholders to achieve student, academic, and business success. The strategic plan lays out roadmaps, objectives, key performance indicators, and investments necessary to achieve the strategic goals and objectives defined in the business strategy. Generally, strategic plans have a duration ranging from one to two years.


Operational Plans Help Achieve Short-term Objectives

The division has several operational plans that emphasize execution and provide information on the resources required, such as personnel and funding, along with tasks, projects, programs, and products needed to achieve the objectives outlined in the ITS Strategic Plan. These operational plans typically span a duration of six to twelve months.